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INDESIT EcoTime IDCL85BHK Condenser Tumble Dryer – Black



Laundry time is made much simpler when using this practical Indesit EcoTime IDCL85BHK Condenser Tumble Dryer.

Low maintenance

Sensor drying technology means you can set your program and let the Indesit take care of everything while you go off about your day. You can schedule your drying around your day and come home to perfect drying results.

The large capacity water bottle means less emptying and more drying, so you have even less maintenance to do. Plus this dryer finishes drying your clothes at cooler temperatures so you save energy and cam ensure that your clothes aren’t affected by too much heat.

HSD technology

HSD technology features specially designed moisture sensors that carefully monitor when the load is dried to one of the four selected levels: cupboard dry, ready to wear, hanger dry or iron dry – so your clothes are fully protected and you don’t waste any energy by over-drying.

Making life easier

With crease care you get less creasing, less ironing and therefore, less hassle. Perfect! What’s more, the dual, anti-tangle rotation uses reverse tumble action to help dry your clothes evenly and without tangling, so they turn out less creased and easier to iron.

This Indesit EcoTime IDCL85BHK Condenser Tumble Dryer works to keep your clothes protected and ready to wear in no time at all.


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